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Core accessory work in the form of ten-minute high-intensity workouts

ABWOD stands for “abdominal workout of the day." Owner Sean Reeves started programming ABWODs for supplemental core accessory work in 2014 and implemented them at multiple gyms. They became increasingly popular and the members had a love/hate relationship with them. 😂

As he left each gym, the ABWODs came with him yet many of his friends and former members still demanded them. So, it was only appropriate to share them with the fitness community through social media! New workouts are released Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They are approximately ten minutes long on average, but meant to be high-intensity; little to no rest is built in. Get started on your first ABWOD today!

Our Mission

To provide challenging, effective, and fun abdominal workouts and core strength programming to the fitness community while educating people on proper, safe, and efficient movement.

Our Vision

To inspire people to start or continue their fitness journeys and to enjoy a healthy lifestyle in the process.

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