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ABWOD stands for Abdominal Workout of the Day.


No. We have a formula for creating a cycle or series of workouts, but you do not need to start at the beginning. You can jump in at any point or time!

Most ABWODs will have specific scoring notes provided. Some of the original ABWODs call for completing rounds for time. Therefore, you will score the time it took to complete. Some call for max reps in a given amount of time, in which case you will score number of reps per movement.

When recording your performance and progress it is good to take note of weights used or not used, rest times between movements or rounds, and any other notes that help highlight progress.

Technically, you don’t need any equipment. You can modify an ABWOD to be just as challenging if you don’t have access to the equipment required as written. To follow along verbatim, at most, you will need: an AbMat, barbell or ab roller (ab wheel), GHD, bench, and a bar to hang from. The types of weight written in are: med-ball, dumbbell(s) or kettlebell(s), plates, and bands.

It is suggested that at the very least you have an AbMat, yoga or floor mat for comfort, and some lighter free weights.

First of all, it’s okay! Many of these movements are extremely challenging and meant for people much at a level much higher than beginner. It is our goal to suggest easier alternatives to some of the tougher movements in each ABWOD. Feel free to ask us directly if you are ever unsure!

Our intention is to provide ideas on how to scale with each ABWOD. Generally, you can scale down by choosing easier movements or easier variations of the movement, decreasing weight, or decreasing reps/rounds. You can also increase rest time as needed. To scale up, increase weight, increase reps/rounds, decrease rest, or perform the most difficult variation of the movement. Note: in most cases, scaling up won’t be necessary, because many of these ABWODs are hard as it is.

We release ABWODs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That’s when we do them, only because it fits into our overall workout program that way. Choose days that work with your workout schedule or program.

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